Free State school tackles parents' unruly sports behaviour


A Bloemfontein school is putting cautionary measures in place to control parents' unbecoming behaviour on sports field sidelines.

One principal is thinking ahead when it comes to potentially violent spectator at school sports events. (Madelene Cronje)

A girls' primary school in Bloemfontein has adopted a code of ethics for parents to be applied at all sport events, the Beeld reported on Tuesday.

The Laer Meisieskool Oranje's sport field behaviour code of ethics for parents stipulates that parents should behave respectfully during sporting events and matches.

Chairperson of the school governing body Waks Prinsloo told the newspaper the code was a precautionary step and was not the result of a previous incident.

According to the code, parents may not get involved in physical violence, libel or abusive language or use indecent signs during sport matches.

Parents may also not react in an "unbecoming" manner to the decisions of referees.

Practise self-composure
The code directs parents to practise self-composure, respect, courtesy and tolerance towards each other, the teachers and pupils.

Frans van der Walt, a provincial school hockey coach, said parents of all players at inter-provincial tournaments had to sign a similar code otherwise their children might not participate.

He told the newspaper if all parties at school sport events behaved properly, a code of ethics would not be necessary.

"Given the reality, the school's proactive code of ethics should be commended," van der Walt was quoted as saying. – Sapa

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