Ali Khalil

Ali Khalil

    Iran lashes out at Western motives

    Iran has condemned what it calls the use of oil as a political tool against producers, referring to Western sanctions over Tehran's nuclear programme.

    Al-Qaeda number two urges attacks on Israel

    Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri, in an internet audio message, urged Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip to escalate attacks on Israel over its crippling siege of the territory.

    Saddam journal reveals prison Aids fear

    Saddam Hussein, the ousted Iraqi dictator who was hanged in 2006 for crimes against humanity, feared he would pick up sexual diseases while he was United States custody, according to extracts from prison writings published in an Arabic newspaper.

    Bin Laden praises hijacker on 9/11 anniversary

    Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden praised as a "champion" one of the September 11 hijackers in a new video released on Tuesday, the sixth anniversary of the devastating attacks on the United States. He also called on Muslim youths to join a "caravan" of martyrs, in the second al-Qaeda video in just five days featuring the Western world's most wanted man.

    'Dubailand' aims to be Middle East Orlando

    Widely touted as the Middle East's very own Orlando, "Dubailand", a cluster of mega-billion-dollar projects, is gradually emerging across the desert sands of the booming Gulf emirate. Faced with a dwindling wealth of oil, Dubai has taken on a new challenge of larger-than-life projects in line with its ambition to become the region's main business and leisure hub.

    Arab women reporters on front lines of war

    A male news anchor appears on screen from the safety of Arabic station al-Jazeera's studio in Doha as two female correspondents in full war gear report live from both sides of the Lebanon-Israel front line. This is the new face of war reporting that Arab audiences have been seeing since Israel launched its all-out onslaught on Lebanon on July 12 in an attempt to defeat Hezbollah militants.

    Genital mutilation mars the life of Sudanese women

    Ilham could not hold back the tears as she recounted how her six-year-old sister Eglal bled to death under the knife of a traditional midwife circumcising her, even though it happened way back in 1980. Twenty-six years later, young girls in the poverty-stricken African country are still subjected to this ancient tradition, branded by human rights organisations as "female genital mutilation or cutting" (FGM).