Dan Glaister

Dan Glaister

    San Francisco braced to greet Olympic torch

    Thousands of protesters were expected to line the route of the latest leg of the Olympic torch's "Journey of Harmony" on Wednesday as officials in San Francisco braced themselves for a repetition of the tumultuous scenes in Paris and London. A broad coalition of protest groups has converged on the city.

    180 taken from polygamist sect compound in Texas

    Authorities removed more than 180 women and children from the Texas compound of a polygamist sect on Saturday evening after receiving reports of "sexual and physical abuse". The 10 000-member Mormon group is led by Warren Jeffs, who was convicted in Utah last year on two counts of accomplice to rape.

    California dreaming

    Clad in a black Monterey pop festival jacket with the word "Peace" emblazoned on the back, Robin Tarne doesn't look like a typical Bush Republican. "I was for Bush and I believed in the war but as time went on I became saddened," she says. Around her, in a chain hotel bar in Calabasas, San Fernando Valley, her words provoke a hush.