Ian Timberlake

Ian Timberlake

    On world's biggest airliner, the little things count

    The days of cursing the passenger in front of you could be over. On the world's biggest airliner, the Airbus A380, it is the little things that will make travel more comfortable for ordinary flyers, said Tom Ballantyne, senior correspondent for the industry publication Orient Aviation.

    World oil price tops $81

    Oil prices topped 81 dollars a barrel for the first time on Tuesday, setting another record high amid fears of critically tight supplies for the winter season in the United States. Opec's announcement last week that it would pump an extra 500 000 barrels per day from November has failed to stop the surge in price.

    Internet chaos shows system's weakness

    The chaos in Asia's internet service sparked by an undersea earthquake shows the region's cable network is too fragile and overly reliant on connections to the United States, industry observers said on Thursday. Millions of people across Asia were enduring a second day without full internet services after a 7,1-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan late on Tuesday.

    Casino bid to proceed despite Kerzner's death

    Kerzner International's bid for a Singapore casino licence will proceed despite the death in a helicopter crash of the firm's chief executive officer, the company said on Thursday. "The company is fully committed to continuing its bid for the integrated resort in Sentosa," Kerzner said in a statement after the death of Butch Kerzner (42).