Pratap Chakravarty

Pratap Chakravarty

    Dalai Lama welcomes Chinese offer for talks

    The Dalai Lama on Friday welcomed China's offer to meet his envoy for talks after weeks of protests over Tibet and repeated calls from the exiled spiritual leader for dialogue with Beijing. China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported that talks would take place in the coming days, which the Dalai Lama's spokesperson described as "a step in the right direction".

    India bristles at Chinese security for Olympic flame

    Grim-faced Chinese guards protecting the Olympic torch have attracted further criticism ahead of the global relay's arrival in India, where bitter memories of war with its neighbour remain fresh. Phalanxes of Chinese security personnel are accompanying the flame's around-the-world journey to shield it from pro-Tibetan demonstrators.

    Boje denies links to match-fixing scam

    South Africa bowler Nicky Boje on Tuesday denied charges of match-fixing under questioning by Indian police probing the scandal that hit cricket seven years ago, officials said. The 34-year-old, who was escorted to a New Delhi interrogation centre by South African diplomats, was grilled for nearly two hours by Crime Branch detectives.

    Rivers recede but millions go hungry in South Asia

    The toll from floods across South Asia soared to nearly 1 900 on Tuesday as water levels in the region's swollen rivers started to recede. Aid workers struggled to deliver supplies to some of the 28-million people displaced across India, Bangladesh and Nepal by the worst monsoon-triggered flooding in decades.

    Tourism, development seen as a threat to Goa

    The once low-budget tourist haven of Goa is facing a crisis, environmentalists say, as developers force up land prices and a tourism boom threatens the delicate coastal ecology. Environmental groups in this former Portuguese enclave, which became part of India in 1961, have joined ranks in an effort to slow the building boom in sleepy towns and remote villages dotting the edge of Arabian Sea.