Emma Brockes

Emma Brockes

    Life's indivisible explosions

    Marilynne Robinson, who has just won the Orange Prize, shuns big clichéd adventures and chooses to focus on the small, quiet dramas.

    'What happens in war happens'

    Photographs of Abu Ghraib abuses shocked the world. Seven were charged, but the face of the scandal will always be Lynndie England.

    Nelson and Naomi

    Naomi Campbell refers to Nelson Mandela, as is the custom among famous young women who have met him at least twice, as "granddad". Emma Brockes talks to Ms Campbell, currently in South Africa for the birthday of an old friend.

    Chomsky: As flaky as the next man

    Noam Chomsky (76) has been voted the world's top public intellectual by London-based Prospect magazine. But he has no interest in that. He believes that there is a misconception about what it means to be smart. It is not a question of wit, as with number five on the list (Christopher Hitchens) or poetic dash like number four (Vaclev Havel).