Jan Hennop

Jan Hennop

    SA looks to gold for treating Aids pandemic

    Scientists in South Africa are exploring whether one of the country's most precious commodities, gold, could hold the key in the battle against diseases such as HIV/Aids, malaria and cancer. Once developed, the drugs could be considered as a potential choice of therapy for individuals infected with HIV.

    Nuclear pact tops agenda for Chinese PM in SA

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in South Africa on Wednesday on a groundbreaking visit during which the two giants are to sign a nuclear cooperation pact and discuss the thorny question of textile imports from Beijing. South African officials have said the proposed agreement between South Africa and power-hungry China on the peaceful use of nuclear energy was vital.

    Chinese premier's visit tests textile strains in SA

    South Africa's trade relations with juggernaut China will be put to the test this week when Premier Wen Jiabao jets into Cape Town for talks centred around China's mighty textile industry. The SA economy has been hit hard in its own textiles sector by cheap imports from China and President Thabo Mbeki's government has come under increasing pressure to deal with the problem.