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Showdown as West seeks to boost powers of chemical arms watchdog

A two-thirds majority, minus any abstentions, is needed for Britain's draft to pass

‘Butcher of Bosnia’ found guilty of genocide

UN judges sentenced Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of war crimes in the brutal Balkans conflicts over two decades ago.

US suspends military, financial assistance to Egypt

Washington says it has stopped shipments of major military hardware and halted $260-million in cash aid to Egypt's military leaders.

US, Russia reach deal on Syria weapons

On day three of talks between the United States and Russia, the two agree to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons by mid 2014.

Syria: Diplomatic drive intensifies

The US and Russia were to hold a third day of complex talks, seeking to hammer out a deal on eliminating Syria's arsenal of chemical weapons.

Angry Clinton denies Benghazi cover-up

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has slammed charges made by Republicans of a cover-up over the deadly Benghazi attack.

Hillary Clinton to return to work on Monday

Hillary Clinton is due to return to work after a month-long absence caused by a series of health scares, including a blood clot in her head.

Clinton takes responsibility for handling of Libya attack

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken the blame for any shortcomings in the handling of an attack last month on the US mission in Libya.

Clinton denies any advance warning of Libya attack

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has denied that Washington was warned of an imminent attack in Libya.

US Republicans arm for Congress battles

US Republicans eagerly geared up for battle in Congress this week, warning Democrats of an aggressive push to slash spending.

Washington gears up for dawning of Obama era

Excitement is swelling across the United States and the world as Barack Obama prepares to be sworn in Tuesday.

Growing up in the White House fishbowl

In less than a week's time Malia and Sasha Obama will move into one of the world's most coveted residences, thrust back into the global spotlight.

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