Kyoko Hasegawa

Kyoko Hasegawa

    Hot on the heels of winning blog of the year at the SA Blog Awards, the Mail & Guardian Online's Thought Leader has been named an "official honoree" by the Webby Awards, alongside blogs by CNN, CBS News, the New Yorker, CNBC, the New York Times, Time magazine and the Observer Media Group.

    The Mail & Guardian Online's Thought Leader , where some of South Africa's finest minds stir up debate every day, on Wednesday evening scooped South African web log of the year at the 2008 SA Blog Awards, beating formidable competition.

    Japan's Toshiba conceded defeat on Tuesday to rival Sony in a long-running DVD format war, ending consumer confusion but leaving about one million people with expensive machines doomed to become obsolete. Toshiba said it will stop selling its HD DVD machines by the end of March.

    A Japanese spacecraft successfully landed on a far-away asteroid on Saturday for a second time and almost certainly collected the first-ever samples from such a celestial body, Japan's space agency said. The Hayabusa probe is on a landmark mission to bring back material from the Itokawa asteroid.

    As he escorts yet more visitors through Shari, a town of fish and icebergs on the northern tip of Japan, tour guide Yoshiji Ishii stops and folds inward his outstretched arms. "When entering an abode of the gods, you have to pray like this," explains Ishii, one of Japan's indigenous Ainu people.