Kyoko Hasegawa

Cherry blossoms prompt full-blown scandal for Japan’s PM

It's the latest headache for Japan's longest-serving premier, who has already weathered two cronyism scandals in recent years

Iran accuses US of ‘unacceptable’ escalation in tensions

Despite international scepticism, the US government has been pointing to increasing threats from Iran

Ghosn re-arrested over fresh allegations

The case of the once-revered tycoon has gripped Japan and the business world since he was arrested as he stepped off his private jet

New radioactive leaks at Japan’s Fukushima

An estimated 300 tonnes of radioactive water is believed to have leaked from a tank at Japan's crippled nuclear plant, says the operator.

Japan plans Cabinet reshuffle to cool China island row

Japan's prime minister will use a Cabinet reshuffle to try to mend fences with China and to boost his flagging popularity ahead of general elections.

Japan PM resigns after US base row

Japan's centre-left Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, tearfully resigned on Wednesday, just nine months after a stunning election win.

Cyborg-walkers stride toward Japan’s robotics future

Three cyborg lookalikes turned heads on busy Tokyo streets on Monday as they made their way to a robotics conference -- without breaking a sweat.

Japanese lawmaker defects in blow to ‘old guard’

A senior lawmaker defected from Japan's ruling party on Tuesday, denouncing beleaguered Prime Minister Taro Aso as an ''old-guard crony''

Japan troops search ravaged resort after killer quake

Hundreds of troops sifted through the splintered remains of a resort hotel in Japan on Sunday in search of survivors after a powerful earthquake.

Thought Leader wins blog of the year

The <i>Mail & Guardian Online</i>'s <i>Thought Leader</i> </a>, where some of South Africa's finest minds stir up debate every day, on Wednesday evening scooped South African web log of the year at the 2008 SA Blog Awards, beating formidable competition.

Toshiba concedes defeat in DVD format war

Japan's Toshiba conceded defeat on Tuesday to rival Sony in a long-running DVD format war, ending consumer confusion but leaving about one million people with expensive machines doomed to become obsolete. Toshiba said it will stop selling its HD DVD machines by the end of March.

Japanese craft makes landmark asteroid landing

A Japanese spacecraft successfully landed on a far-away asteroid on Saturday for a second time and almost certainly collected the first-ever samples from such a celestial body, Japan's space agency said. The Hayabusa probe is on a landmark mission to bring back material from the Itokawa asteroid.

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