Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn

    Where the 2030 vision blurs

    The links between higher education and innovation need more careful scrutiny if we are to achieve a shift to "use-inspired basic research".

    Some people may transmit weaker version of Aids

    People with a genetic variation that slows down HIV may also be causing a mutation to the Aids syndrome that makes it less potent if transmitted to others, South African researchers said on Friday. The human immunodeficiency virus that causes Aids attacks immune system cells

    Telling smokers 'age' of lungs helps them quit

    Smokers are more likely to kick the habit if they are told how "old" their lungs are, a British study found on Friday. The concept of lung age -- measured by comparing a smoker's lungs to the age of a healthy person whose lungs function the same -- has helped patients better understand how smoking damages health.

    Study: HIV impact on Zim less than feared

    HIV has slashed life expectancy in Zimbabwe by up to 19 years for men and 22 years for women but births still outpace deaths, according to the first study to detail how the Aids pandemic has affected the country's wider population. The study, led by Simon Gregson of Imperial College London, sought to gauge HIV's impact on Zimbabwe to see if researchers got it right in 1989.

    Former child soldiers want revenge, study shows

    Reconciliation efforts in countries where children have been press-ganged into fighting wars need to pay more attention to the severe trauma suffered by many of these combatants, German researchers said on Tuesday. The United Nations estimates about 250 000 children worldwide are currently fighting in wars -- mostly in Africa.

    Astronomers spot most distant galaxies ever seen

    Astronomers using a giant telescope say they have found glimpses of the most distant -- and oldest -- galaxies ever seen. The light the researchers viewed originated when the universe was only 500-million years old and has been travelling through distant space for billions of years.

    Porn could help decide next-generation DVD war

    In the battle over next-generation DVDs, pornography could prove to be the XXX factor that helps determine a winner. Thirty years ago, VHS toppled Betamax in part because of the adult film industry, and now some see blue movies playing a key role again as backers of HD-DVD and Blu-ray manoeuvre to make their formats the standard.