Daisuke Wakabayashi

Boeing workers vote to strike, but walkout delayed

Boeing's largest labor union said its members had rejected the plane maker's contract offer and voted to strike.

Ballmer becomes lone voice at Microsoft’s helm

Steve Ballmer has been CEO at Microsoft for eight years, but he will finally get to move into the corner office vacated by Bill Gates.

Microsoft to give out development tools to students

Microsoft unveiled a new initiative on Monday that will give college and high school students around the world free access to technology tools used to develop and design software. The development and design tools are available immediately to college students in the United States, Western Europe and China.

Microsoft launches new-look MSN for cellphones

Microsoft launched a redesigned MSN portal optimised for cellphones on Sunday, stepping up its offering at a time when more powerful devices increase the demand for richer content on handsets. There's a new battle, a new frontline developing on the mobile phone,'' said Phil Holden, Microsoft's director of mobile web services.

Microsoft to unveil coffee-table-shaped computer

Microsoft will unveil a coffee-table-shaped ''surface computer'' on Wednesday in a major step towards Bill Gates's view of a future where the mouse and keyboard are replaced by more natural interactions using voice, pen and touch. Microsoft said it will manufacture the machine itself and sell it initially to corporate customers.

Hackers start probing Vista’s hyped security

Computer hackers are off and running trying to find vulnerabilities in Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system, putting to test the software maker's claim that it is the most secure Windows program to date. The new version of Windows became available to consumers on Tuesday.

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