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Sondela residents divided on landfill closure

There would be nothing wrong with this if it wasn’t in the middle of a township that despises the odours, the workers and the system itself. Picture: Oupa Nkosi

Our Constitution has been overthrown - Lekota

The people’s assembly staged a picket outside the Gauteng legislature on Freedom day. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo

Gupta workers plead for their jobs

Employees of Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments marched to major banks on Tuesday to demand that the company's accounts be reopened. Picture: Oupa Nkosi

In memory of Malick Sidibe - "The eye of Bamako"

Dunusa - Quality fashion at a fraction of the price

Second-hand clothing is also very popular among young fashionisters looking for one-of-kind items, while also offering an affordable alternative to the poor who cannot afford retail prices.

Nigeria’s children robbed of education

Boko Haram’s attacks on schools, students and teachers in northeast Nigeria have had a devastating impact on education. Picture: Human Rights Watch

What is the bubonic plague and why you shouldn’t panic

After a rodent in Tembisa tested positive for antibodies for the plague, the M&G spoke to experts to find out if we are at risk. Photo: Troy Enekvist

Zapiro's best Nkandla cartoons

Celebrations of Faith

Going home for Easter


Watch: Mcebisi Jonas confirms Gupta job offer

Deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas reads his statement claiming that the Guptas offered him the position of Finance Minister earlier this year. Video: SABC.


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