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Help Zuma not fall.

As the Hurdles of the Presidency race comes back to haunt him.

This year in pictures: The best images from 2015

Mail & Guardian photo editor Paul Botes selects the best pictures of the year.

In pictures: #ZumaMustFall protests

President Jacob Zuma might have taken pains to draw distinctions between his government and the apartheid regime - but public outrage is growing.

The violence that spoiled the students' victory - in pictures

The streets of Pretoria slipped into a war zone when police opened fire on protesting students who tried to storm the Union Buildings on Friday.

Students reject 6% cap on fee increase

Protests over fee increases for 2016 are set to continue as students reject a proposed 6% cap by higher education minister.

Education held hostage

After a week of protests, university students seem no closer to having their demands met. Where could this free education be?

#FeesMustFall: The images that defined a movement

#FeesMustFall has been a movement filled with powerful imagery, fuelled and shared by the power of social media.

The #FeesMustFall posters that made us sit up and pay attention

From Oscar Pistorius to President Jacob Zuma’s numeracy skills, the students' posters were sharp, funny and grabbed our attention. See our selection.


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