Bullock delighted by best-worst double

Sandra Bullock vowed to proudly display her best actress Oscar statuette next to her Golden Raspberry award after completing a unique and dubious double on Sunday.

The 45-year-old became the first performer to win an Academy Award and a less coveted “Razzie” in the same weekend in a memorable one-off.

Bullock had delighted members of the Golden Raspberry Foundation by appearing in person to collect her award at the Razzies, the annual eve-of-Oscars awards spoof which salutes the very worst in film.

“They’re going to sit side by side, as they should,” Bullock told reporters backstage at the Kodak Theatre. “You take the good with the not so good.

“But I had the best time at the Razzies last night. It is what it is and, you know, it probably means more that both of them happened at the same time because it’s the great equaliser.

“You know, nothing ever let’s me get too full of myself.”

Bullock’s Razzie came for her performance in the romantic comedy All About Steve while her Oscar was awarded for her role in The Blind Side.

Meanwhile Bullock refused to dish the dirt on an incident she mentioned during her acceptance speech involving Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney once throwing her into a swimming pool.

“There was also Tom Cruise involved in that as well, and I told them one day, in a very public forum, I would get them back, but George looked so tired tonight,” Bullock said.

“I saw his little eyes and said, I can’t do it to him tonight. You might want to ask George about that. See how much information he’ll give because it was funny to everyone else but me.”—AFP


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