Amelia Gentleman

Amelia Gentleman

    When dementia took hold of her mother-in-law, Andrea Gillies opted to care for her. She tells Amelia Gentleman why the consequences were catastrophic.

    More than 1 000 people have ended their lives with the help of Dignitas. But what is it like inside the assisted suicide clinic?

    The people of Mizoram, a tiny, remote state of north-east India, have known for the past 48 years that they would face famine in 2008. Confirmation came last November when the local species of bamboo that dominates the state's landscape began to burst into flower. A plague of rats rapidly followed.

    Two French journalists being held hostage in Iraq on Monday night warned that they faced death if France refused to yield to their kidnappers' demands to repeal legislation which will ban Islamic headscarves in schools. Their captors extended the deadline for the government to overturn the law by a further 24 hours.

    Those who dedicate their professional lives to idleness should do so with discretion if they hope to keep their jobs. This is one message in Hello Laziness: The Art and Importance of Doing the Least Possible at Work, an anarchic anti-business bible published in France.

    Irish rock band U2 are up in arms over the suspected theft of their latest album. Although a rough cut of their latest material, the implications of the disc falling into the wrong hands, and onto the internet, could be severe. Jamie Wilson and Amelia Gentleman report.

    Midday on the hottest August day recorded in Paris and Dominique has no customers for his ice-cold bottles of water. Nearby, in the chilled interior of the Rendez-Vous with the Stars restaurant, most of the tables are empty. Iraq fallout, strikes and forest fires have kept Americans and Europeans away from Disneyland.