Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell

    A pioneering new initiative at a British hospital is using MRI scans to assess whether children with epilepsy should have surgery.

    A genetic test could help women who delay motherhood then find they cannot conceive by identifying those who will go through the change of life early.

    Joe Gerstein tells Denis Campbell why he rejects the myth that alcoholism is a 'disease' to be endured rather than cured.

    The "competitive balance" between the top clubs and the rest of the domestic leagues has been upset. The Champions League has created, in almost every country in Europe, an elite of rich clubs whose increasing dominance is turning their domestic title races into predictable turn-offs for fans.

    Ten years ago, English football was a different game. Fans could pay at the gate, grounds were often only two-thirds full, average attendance was 26 000 and not every Premiership stadium was all-seat. Sky Sports showed 40 live matches per season, and only on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights. But fast forward a decade and Malcolm Glazer's bid to buy Manchester United starts to make sense.

    Uefa is trying to stem the growing influx of "foreign" footballers by forcing clubs across Europe to have up to eight home-grown players on their books and a new maximum squad size of 25. The Uefa leadership has finally brought forward detailed proposals to counter what it regards as serious problems.