Helen Vesperini

Helen Vesperini

    Kenya on edge ahead of ICC ruling

    Kenya is nervously awaiting an ICC ruling on whether to try six officials, including two presidential contenders, over deadly 2007-2008 poll unrest.

    Fire put out at site of Nigerian pipeline blast

    Thousands gathered on Friday around charred destruction from a deadly pipeline explosion as Nigerian firefighters doused flames triggered by the blast that had burnt for more than a day. Local officials put the death toll at 15, disputing the Nigerian Red Cross's claim that about 100 people were killed.

    Nigeria's president-elect faces discontent

    Nigeria's president-elect Umaru Yar'Adua on Tuesday faced a growing tide of discontent after being declared winner of a disputed poll that even the outgoing head of state admitted was far from perfect. In his first press briefing late on Monday, Yar'Adua issued an appeal for national unity.

    Trouble mars landmark Nigeria vote

    Voting began on Saturday in Nigeria's landmark presidential elections, hours after a failed attempt to blow up the electoral commission marred hopes of a trouble-free poll in the first post-colonial transfer of power between two civilian presidents. Private vehicles were warned to keep off roads in Lagos and heavily armed troops threw up roadblocks on key thoroughfares.