Janine Stephen

Janine Stephen

    When men are cut from their cloth

    Curious about what messages the clothing we wear communicates, ?Inge Prins began wondering what men would wear if pregnant and how they would adjust.

    Return of the killer worm

    On stage at London's revamped Almeida Theatre a star-studded cast is acting out a story about love and politics, set in South Africa and revolving around the moment one spring day when Demetrios Tsafendas kills the architect of apartheid, prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, in Parliament, writes Janine Stephen.

    Not quite cashing in on the past

    The tiny town of Kuboes can be found at the end of a dirt road that stretches from Alexander Bay, at the mouth of the Orange river, past endless mine dumps and fenced-off diamond fields to the foot of the mountains of the Richtersveld in the Northern Cape.

    Travel freely

    Accepting freebies is standard practice for most South African travel magazines and newspapers. Janine Stephen explores whether bucking the trend can attract new readers.

    Low flying

    "A few years ago, I was unemployed," says Faik Allie."And seeing that things were changing in the country we thought, let's do something different. So we took a second bond on the house. And we had the first limo made." Limousines are about as new as democracy in South Africa, and are no longer the just playthings of the rich and famous.