Janine Stephen

When men are cut from their cloth

Curious about what messages the clothing we wear communicates, ?Inge Prins began wondering what men would wear if pregnant and how they would adjust.

Cheers to a cocktail coup

An eye-wateringly yellow drink is the Capital Cocktail to celebrate Cape Town's status as World Design Capital.

The gospel of the New Church

Director of 'nimble' Cape Town gallery wants to commission 'irreverent and challenging' work for the ?'reflective space'.

A vernacular lens brings iconoclasm into focus

Port Elizabeth-born illustrator Pola Maneli says his art style bridges between elements of pop culture and social commentary.

Talking to animals, one mosquito at a time

Doctor Dolittle in the flesh: South African-born Anna Breytenbach explores the phenomenon of talking to animals in The Animal Communicator.

South Africa’s oldest literary journal forges ahead

New Contrast has a new look. Blood-red and slim with elegant type adorning 100-odd pages, the journal's latest issue is all minimalist restraint.

Not quite cashing in on the past

The tiny town of Kuboes can be found at the end of a dirt road that stretches from Alexander Bay, at the mouth of the Orange river, past endless mine dumps and fenced-off diamond fields to the foot of the mountains of the Richtersveld in the Northern Cape.

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