Lucille Davie

Lucille Davie

    New look for Newtown

    Newtown was the midwife to Jo'burg's cultural rebirth, at least in the city. But its supporters will not hear that the cultural precinct has failed

    It's a gas to be living in Egoli

    If there is a metaphor for a dead Jo'burg, it is the old gasworks in Cottesloe. Now it is about to be reinvented as one of the city's go-to places.

    The good, the old and the ugly

    Johannesburg, perhaps more than any other city in the country, has a heritage collection that embraces the complete tale of this land. Iron Age and Bushmen artefacts; remnants of Bantu peoples, colonials, gold diggers; apartheid resistance; and the political maturing and place of residence of the country's most esteemed citizen, Nelson Mandela, and icons such as Mahatma Gandhi.