Robin Denselow

Robin Denselow

    The Baaba of world music

    Senegalese star Baaba Maal was one of the original icons of the 1980s world music boom and he's still finding new ways to cross over.

    The long goodbye

    IN MEMORIAM: In Miriam Makeba's last interview she spoke to Robin Denselow about how hard it was to retire.

    Cross-continental jams

    Fela Kuti will be "dancing in his grave". That's what his son, Femi, says. The reason? A special concert outside Femi's own Afrika Shrine this month.

    Me and my X-men

    When he's not taking calls from Mandela and Tutu, or keeping an eye on Womad, Peter Gabriel still loves a good groove.

    Ethiopia, France, the world

    War cries and traditional music fused with American funk, R&B and jazz to fuel a 1960s golden age in Ethiopian music. Robin Denselow reports on a riotous revival.