Xan Brooks

Xan Brooks

    Movie of the week: Stoker

    South Korean director Park Chan-wook makes his English-language debut with an outrageous quasi-remake of Hitchcock's 1943 thriller Shadow of a Doubt.

    Alpha nerds kicked ass

    This year brought a new kind of hero as Kick-Ass and The Social Network proved it's the geeks who shall inherit the Earth.

    False notes

    MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Xan Brooks reviews The Counterfeiters, which won the Oscar for best foreign-language film this year.

    Triumph of the nerds

    A new wave of movies is marking the rise of the 'ordinary slob nerd', writes Xan Brooks. This month saw the release of the final installment in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, awash with elves and hobbits and surely the most monumental nerd-fest of the lot.

    Behind the Oscar scenes

    There are bigger issues than glitz and glam behind this year's nominations, reports Dan Glaister and Xan Brooks.