La Tomatina - It's every man for himself

On Wednesday, thousands of people gathered in the Spanish town of Bunol to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the tomato-throwing festival, La Tomatina.

Unstoppable Zuma and the weakening rand

Hungry South Africans will have to fight for their daily bread as the rand continues to plummet against foreign currencies.

A life built on rubbish

This is the story of people whose lives depend on what we leave in our bins.

Artist reminds women of their beauty

Artist Palesa Makua leads 'My Skin Speaks' - a project that challenges how society views women and encourages women to embrace their bodies.

Disabled children face discrimination in SA schools

An HRW report finds that the South African government is failing half a million children with disabilities who are shut out of the education system.

No one claims responsibility for Bangkok blast

As Thailand tries to rebuild after a deadly blast that killed 12 people, someone is yet to claim responsibility for the explosion.