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Picking up the pieces after deadly quake strikes Nepal

An 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday, killing over 3 000 people. Rescue teams have joined the Nepalese response teams to deal with the aftermath.

Thousands take a stand against xenophobia

People from all backgrounds marched in their thousands through Johannesburg CBD on Thursday in protest against the recent xenophobic attacks.

South Africans gatvol with xenophobia

Thousands heeded the call and marched from Hillbrow to Newtown on Thursday to protest against recent attacks on foreign nationals.

South Africans, foreign nationals call for end to xenophobia

South Africans and foreign nationals share their thoughts about the on-going xenophobic attacks, while attending a vigil at Constitution Hill.

Far from home: Understanding the African diaspora

Jocelyne Muhutu Remy documents the transient lives of Africans. Understanding our diversity and the diaspora is now more important than ever.

The plight of foreign nationals in Jo'burg

The M&G brings you striking images from the violence in Jeppestown, Jo'burg, over the weekend and the thousands of immigrants who have sought refuge in camps.


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