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FIDH: Inquiry into SA xenophobic attacks needed

A major human rights group calls for an inquiry into SA's xenophobic attacks, saying the state should ensure the security of all within their borders.

Mamelodi transport debacle: Threat of a stalemate

Interviews with affected parties and local government in Mamelodi revealed signs of a breakdown in communication and the potential for a stalemate.

Between a rock and a tragic place

Eskom is refused an electricity hike, while Greece has to decide if it wants to leave the eurozone.

Welcome to the Marikana Show

Political puppet master Jacob Zuma saves his peeps, Cyril Ramaphosa and Nathi Mthethwa, while Riah Phiyega takes the rap.

For new Jo’burg band, the message is in the music

Brand new to the music scene in the City of Gold, Kamili’s jazzy, soulful sound is garnering a steady following. They chat to us about their music.

Russian authorities target Muslim group in Dagestan unjustly

An HRW report finds Russian authorities treat adherents of Salafism, a form of Sunni Islam, as criminal suspects despite the absence of any grounds.


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