Matthias Rath


Cops act following Rath probe

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The health department says it has laid criminal complaints with the police following a probe of the activities of vitamin salesperson Matthias Rath.

Court to rule on TAC's Rath challenge

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A Cape High Court judge will on Friday deliver his ruling on the Treatment Action Campaign's (TAC) bid to shut down activities of vitamin entrepreneur Matthias Rath.

Sunday Times apologises to Qunta

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Cape Town lawyer Christine Qunta on Monday welcomed the Sunday Times's retraction of defamatory statements made by the newspaper against her, saying the apology was proof that the principle of media accountability was being upheld.

TAC plans to block Qunta's SABC appointment

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The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has threatened to take court action if lawyer Christine Qunta is reappointed to the board of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). TAC leader Zachie Achmat said Qunta's involvement in a company selling untested medicines purporting to cure HIV/Aids disqualified her from occupying public office.

Judgement reserved on TAC vs Rath

Ben Maclennan

Giving away free medicines, as Matthias Rath did with his vitamin products, is a well-known way of creating a market, the Treatment Action Campaign's (TAC) counsel told the Cape High Court on Friday. Geoff Budlender was delivering final argument in the TAC's bid for a court order forcing the government to act against Rath.

Lawyer denies Rath's vitamins 'cure Aids'

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Matthias Rath and his foundation had never claimed their vitamin products were a cure for HIV/Aids, Rath's advocate told the Cape High Court on Thursday. "We are not claiming it's a cure," Rath's advocate, Dumisa Ntsebeza, told the court. "We would like to make very clear, that has never been the claim."

Govt reluctant to probe Rath, court told

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The Department of Health has shown a decided lack of enthusiasm for investigating the activities of vitamin entrepreneur Matthias Rath, the Cape High Court was told on Wednesday. "The government has failed completely in its ... duties to protect the health of the public," said Geoff Budlender, advocate for the Treatment Action Campaign.

Matthias Rath a liar, court told

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Vitamin salesperson Matthias Rath is patently dishonest, lying whenever it suits him, the Cape High Court was told on Wednesday. "We say that Dr Rath is, on his own showing, not an honest person," the Treatment Action Campaign's advocate, Geoff Budlender, said.

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