Vince Cable


UK has left behind murder and chaos in Basra

Staff Reporter

The full scale of the chaos left behind by British forces in Basra was revealed on Sunday as the city's police chief described a province in the grip of well-armed militias strong enough to overpower security forces and brutal enough to behead women considered not sufficiently Islamic.

Brown faces MPs over illegal funding scandal

Peter Griffiths

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces a grilling in Parliament on Wednesday over the funding row that has engulfed the Labour party. Despite pledging to return the donations, Brown will face calls to explain what he knew about the £600 000 that property developer David Abrahams donated through intermediaries.

UK's Brown faces fury over huge data blunder

Katherine Haddon

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faced angry questions from lawmakers on Wednesday after confidential records containing nearly half the population's bank details went missing in the post. The disappearance of about 25-million people's personal data vanished in the biggest-ever loss of personal information by any government.

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