Seacom completes 17 000km under-sea cable

Seacom on Thursday announced that its 1,28 terabytes per second, 17 000km submarine fibre-optic cable system linking Southern and East Africa to global networks via India and Europe has been completed and commissioned.

Backhauls linking Johannesburg, Nairobi and Kampala with the coastal landing stations have been established and Seacom said it is working with its national partners to commission the final links to Kigali and Addis Ababa.

Brian Herlihy, Seacom CEO, said: “Today is an historic day for Africa and marks the dawn a new era for communications between the continent and the rest of the world.

“Our tireless efforts of the past 24 months have come to fruition, and we are proud to be the first to provide affordable, high quality broadband capacity and experience to East African economies. Turning the switch ‘on’ creates a huge anticipation, but ultimately Seacom will be judged on the changes that take place on the continent over the coming years,” Herlihy said.

Seacom chairperson Nizar Juma said: “The Seacom cable will change the lives of every man, woman and child in the countries connected by making previously unavailable technology accessible to everyone.

“We truly look forward to the positive utilisation of the cable and the realisation of infinite social and economic possibilities unleashed by our arrival,” concluded Juma.—I-Net Bridge


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