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The M-Net TAG Public Service Announcements (PSAs) which will be screened on M-Net from January 2012.

The M-Net TAG PSAs which will be screened on M-Net from January 2012 are:


(Best Concept winner)

Charity: Salvation Army
Production House: Velocity Films
Agency: Leo Burnett Producer: Tshogofatso Phiri Agency
Producer: Hazel van Jaarsveld
Director: Ryan Isted
Cinematographer: Trevor Calverley
Creative Director: Matthew Barnes
Sound Design/Music: Louis Enslin
Art Director: Ryan Liedeman
Copywriter: Adam Abelson
Editor: Michelle Wilson

This PSA aims to get people to donate blankets to the Salvation Army. The idea is simple but highly effective; there is always a blanket of some sort available to cover dead bodies but living people are often not afforded the same respect, even though a blanket could save them from dying.

Leo Burnett and the Salvation Army have worked together inter- nationally for more than 20 years, with impressive results. Everyone involved in the campaign is delighted with its success, proving that PSAs are hugely effective. It has already galvanised other businesses—Cinemark, Primedia and Beith—into contributing to collecting blankets.

Thanks to this commercial and a wider campaign, the number of blankets donated to the Salvation Army increased from 2 000 last year to more than 20 000 this year.

(Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Sound Design/Original Music winner)

Charity: Blaauwberg Baseball and Softball Club
Production House: Giant Films
Agency: 140 BBDO/The MAL Foundation
Producer: Laura Sampson
Director: Robin Goode
Cinematographer: Manuel Ferreira
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Schalit
Exec Creative Director: Ivan Johnson
Sound Design: Arnold Vermaak
Music: London Bulgarian Choir
Copywriter: Mike Schalit
Editor: Anthony Lee Martin

This PSA shot in Du Noon in the Western Cape, cleverly creates awareness for a township development programme for baseball while also challenging misconceptions and stereotypes. The lead character snakes through a township carrying a baseball bat and comes across as violent and menacing. However, he is not out to hit people, only a ball.

The shooting of the commercial created renewed interest and excitement for the sport. It has boosted learners’ morale, said a local teacher interviewed about the project, who indicated that learners who participate in the baseball programme have also improved in the classroom.

(Best Overall, Best Script and Best Cinematography winner)

Charity: Organ Donor Foundation
Production House: Velocity Films
Agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town
Producer: Karen Kloppers
Agency Producer: Riska Emeran
Director: Tristyn von Berg
Cinematographer: Peter Tishhauser
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Sound Design/Music: We Love Jam/ Scala & Kolacny Brothers /Kings Of Leon “Use Somebody”.
Copywriter: Natalie Rose
Art Director: Brendan Hoffmann
Editor: Regardt Voges—Os Post

Through the use of a sick young girl who lies down beside the dead victim of a road accident, Leila urges the audience to sign up with the Organ Donor Foundation. It is ultimately about altruism: In the event of our own death there is the potential to save another life. The makers of the PSA believe that it should almost be mandatory to be an organ donor.

Says Karen Kloppers: “We were overwhelmed by the incredible support we received to help bring this project to fruition. “Seldom does a commercial capture the imagination of people all around the world the way this one has. Importantly, the tweets and communication we have received for the PSA have all been about people becoming organ donors first, then praise for the quality of the work.”


(Best Cinematography winner)

Charity: ARA—Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use
Production House: 7 Films
Agency: Lowe Bull Cape Town
Producer: Benjamin Kaufman
Director: Kofi Zwana
Cinematographer: Trevor M. Brown
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Copywriter: Natalie Rose
Sound Design/Music: Gareth Wharton
Editor: David Scholfield

Alcohol abuse is a huge problem around the world and there are hundreds of campaigns to raise awareness. The makers of Breakfast were determined to look at it from a different perspective.
In between all of the explosive events are the quiet everyday moments that those in the alcoholic’s life need to endure. The inspiration was taken from two lines.

The first being the tagline for the ARA: “Who says one more drink won’t hurt?” and the second is a quote from a former Pope: “It is far easier for a father to have children than for children to have a father.” The notion of responsibility lacking in many parents was what spurred the makers.

Says Kofi Zwana: “We believe people are becoming less receptive to the shock treatment approach. Once they get the hint that they are watching a PSA, they expect to be shocked and the message sometimes doesn’t make as strong an impact because of this.”

The Trade
(Best Overall, Best Direction, Best Script, Best Sound Design/Music, Best Editing and Best Concept winner)

Charity: Alberton Child Welfare
Production House: Catapult Commercials
Agency: Lowe Bull
Producer: Rethabile Ramaphakela
Director: Marthinus Lamprecht
Cinematographer: Matthew Jankes
Art Director: Mphela Mamabolo
Production Designer: Puleng Khabutlane
Sound Design/Music: Motsi Tekateka
Copywriter: Harvey Malope
Editor: Claire Stewart

This commercial shows the exchange of money a horrendous yet often overlooked form of human trafficking: the exploitation of children for profit by having them beg for cash on the streets. It shows the exchange of money between the people involved behind the scenes. These people are the owner, the kid- napper and the kingpin.

In the end the audience is encouraged to help children who are exploited, but not by funding and encouraging “the trade”. Human trafficking contributes to crime, prostitution as well as HIV/ Aids. The PSA encourages people to find out more about the issue, so that they can help children in a sustainable way by making sure the money they donate gets into the right hands.


A Cardboard Reality
(Best Editing winner)

Charity: Street Smart SA
Educational Institution: The Animation School, Cape Town
Producer: Ridhwaan Mohomed
Director: Kenneth Irvine
Creative Director: Corle Snyman
Sound Design/Music: The Rooftop Studios
Editors: Corle Snyman and Ridhwaan Mohomed
Animation: Kenneth Irvine

This poignant look at children who don’t use a cardboard box to play with but rather as a means of shelter creates an awareness of young children who live on the streets dreaming of a better life.

Says Kenneth Irvine: “A few years ago a few friends and I helped a homeless boy get a job, clean clothes and a place to stay where food was provided. The shelter closed down and he was forced onto the street again. It is a big problem in South Africa and we hope this focus helps. Don’t give money to begging children but rather to an institution that provides food and shelter.”

The PSA steers away from taking a “guilt trip approach” but rather gets the audience to relate to the character.

(Best Animation Special Mention)

Charity: National Council Against Smoking
Educational Institution: University of Pretoria
Producer: Lynel Venter
Director: Caitlin Annette Roberts
Creative Director: Maryna Saaiman
Sound Design/Music: Riaan le Roux
Editor: Allan le Roux Animation: Allan le Roux

This animated PSA cleverly demonstrates how smoking affects the entire body. The message is simple: It’s about taking control over your own life and body and not letting smoking control you.

Says Caitlin Roberts: “Every smoker that we surveyed had tried to quit more than once and had been unsuccessful. We realised people really do want to quit but are controlled by their addiction. That is how we arrived at the concept of taking control with the help of the NCAS.”

However, the ad doesn’t preach or rely on shock tactics. Adds Roberts: “People really should take our message to heart. It’s not just some line. The NCAS really can help you!”

Cellphone Abuse
(M-Net Cares Rising Star winner)

Charity: South African Police Services
Educational Institution: Durban University of Technology
Producer: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese
Director: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese
Cinematographer: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese
Creative Director: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese
Sound Design/Music: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese
Copywriter: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese
Editor: Terrence Dalisu Ngobese

A powerful statement about society is made in this PSA in which cellphones are used to film the abuse of a woman by a predator, instead of the bystanders calling for help.

Says Terrence Dalisu Ngobese: “The narrative style I used was influenced by cinema verite (single, unstable, handheld camera work) and contributes to the illusion that the action is happening in real time and is unrehearsed. I was at the M-Net TAG seminar when I was inspired by the fact that most attendees were on social networks, sharing photos and videos of all sorts during the breaks in the proceedings. I chose the South African Police as the non-profit organisation because I wanted to give the act of abusing women the criminal status that it deserves.

“The commercial highlights the core fabric that holds us together as a people and that without compassion we become a blood- thirsty society, all in the name of entertainment.”

Draw with me
(Best Overall, Animation and Concept winner)

Charity: The South African Depression and Anxiety Group
Educational Institution: University of Pretoria
Producer: Lena Pantioukhina
Director: Lena Pantioukhina
Cinematographer: Amby Kgabo
Creative Director: John Pe
Sound Design/Music: Alastair Crewe
Copywriters: Amby Kgabo and John Pe
Editor: John Pe
Animation: Amby Kgabo and Lena Pantioukhina

Draw With Me looks at teenage suicide while raising awareness of organisations that can help such as SADAG. The concept is a conversation between two anonymous students through writings and drawings on a school desk. These come to life through an animation to show the story of their interaction. Their rapport portrays and cleverly demonstrates how even a simple conversationcan give hope to the hopeless.

The makers of the PSA interviewed therapists and SADAG to gain insight into the behaviour of suicidal teens and spoke to some young adults who had previously experienced suicidal behaviour and depression while in school.

Says John Pe: “The piece of information that we all found most startling is that 75% of individuals ‘Depression and suicide are serious issues, but due to negative stereotypes and misinformation, teenagers rarely get the help they need.’ intending to commit suicide show warning signs. We wanted to steer clear of shock valu; instead we aimed to portray sensitivity and hope.”

Says Lena Pantioukhina: “Depression and suicide are serious issues, but due to negative stereotypes and misinformation, teenagers rarely get the help they need. There is a taboo in such situations, as often parents or figures of authority may feel a child is acting out due to hormones rather than a serious problem, and in some cases the problem is treated as a disciplinary issue and ignored. We feel our commercial may help to better inform people in order to break through the taboo and make it easier for those suffering with major depression to seek help without fear of judgment.”

Lend a hand
(Best Direction and Best Script winner)

Charity: Mohau Children’s Centre
Educational Institution: University of Pretoria
Producer: Claudio Barreiro
Director: Jade Michael
Cinematographer: Michael Stopforth
Creative Director: Wentzel Combrinck
Sound Design/Music: Dean Michael
Copywriter: Wentzel Combrinck
Editor: Michael Stopforth
Animation: Michael Stopforth

The Mohau Children’s Centre in Atteridgeville helps children who have been affected with HIV and whose parents are unable to care for them. The animation simulates a child’s drawing; the drawing which is a self-representation of the child that then comes to life and is constantly faced with obstacles but is always helped by a real hand.

The makers cleverly capture the identity of the Mohau Children’s Centre by taking the perspective of the children as a focal point. You don’t only have to give money to make a difference to a child—a visit can change a life.

Missing Children
(Best Cinematography special mention)

Charity: The Pink Ladies
Agency: Big Fish
Producer: Lesego Thetele
Director: Jason Storey
Cinematographer: Nontokozo Nzaca
Editor: Enny Ramotsoela

About 1 800 children go missing each year in South Africa—equivalent to a whole school. The makers of the PSA cleverly film an empty school—quiet corridors, abandoned playground and vacant hall—to drive their point home.

The Pink Ladies is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 2007 and based through- out South Africa. The group consists mostly of women, full-time workers and housewives alike, who work as volunteers. It was named after Sheldean Human, later found murdered, who was wearing a pink shirt when she was abducted.

Says founder member Pat Olwage: “Throughout South Africa, over the last four-and-a-half years, we have assisted the police with over 500 cases of adults and children who have gone missing. People need to be aware that there is human trafficking in this country, no different to other countries, and that no child is safe from being abducted, kidnapped, raped or trafficked. “Make sure that your children are tagged when going to malls; this is one of the first places which our children are lured from and abducted.”

(Best Overall special mention)

Charity: Operation Smile
Producer: Michelle Pretorius
Director: Michelle Pretorius
Stills photographer: Karen Schermbrucker
Copywriter: Michelle Pretorius
Sound Design/Music: Cito
Editor: Angus Innes and Sebastian Temlett

Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe. Michelle Pretorius was inspired by the process of metamorphosis and healing and made clever use of stills photography to get the message across.

She explains the process: “My friend works for Operation Smile and her stories inspired me to do the commercial. It is also a tribute to the generosity of Operation Smile and the health professionals who volunteer their time to go any- where in the world to help improve children’s lives. I made the decision to use stills photos because they capture and freeze a moment forever.”

(Best Sound Design/Original Music winner)

Charity: PlayPumps
Educational Institution: University of Pretoria
Producers: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis
Directors: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis
Cinematographers: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis
Creative Directors: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis
Sound/Music: Dong Ho Daniel Kwak and Wikus van der Walt
Copywriters: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis
Editors: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis
Animation: Kyle Rath, Marguerite Botha, Amori Brits and Shaun Francis

PlayPumps is an organisation that installs roundabouts at schools where access to a borehole can be gained. As the children play, fresh water is pumped to their school and their community from a borehole and stored in a large reservoir with a sturdy tap for easy access.

The animated storyline in the PSA revolves around a young girl and the way in which PlayPumps has affected her quality of life. She no longer has to walk long distances each day to fetch water—often polluted—for her family but can attend school and get an education.

Says Marguerite Botha: “We visited a number of schools where PlayPumps had installed their roundabouts to provide water to rural communities and had the privilege of meeting young people full of energy and optimism for their future. It proved that a simple but great idea could greatly enhance a person’s quality of life and make an impact on their future. We loved the uniqueness of the PlayPumps solution and wanted to produce a piece that was optimistic, in order to inspire people to make a difference.”

This article originally appeared in the Mail & Guardian newspaper as an advertorial supplement

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