Four out of Jackson five recording first album in 20 years

The Jacksons have announced plans for their first album in more than 20-years. Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito Jackson will reunite at the studio following a 27-date US tour, which begins in June.

“That’s what we gotta do,” Jackie told Billboard. “Right after the tour, we’re gonna go back into the studio and start recording some new music. I can’t wait.”

The Jacksons’ last album was 2 300 Jackson Street, issued in 1989. Although that record incorporated minor contributions by Marlon, Rebbie, Janet and Michael Jackson, most of the LP was performed by the other four brothers—including Randy, who has sat out the new reunion.

For their new songs, Jackie said, the Jacksons are going to stick to their roots and keep things “simple”. “We can’t shy away from our sound,” Jackie said, although the new album will also include “a little bit of today”.

For the moment, the revived group show no signs of involving Ai, the Japanese pop singer with whom they performed last year.

They recorded one song together, a Michael Jackson tribute called Letter in the Sky, which reached No 2 in the Japanese charts. “We thought it was a great song,” Jackie said in November. “She’s an incredible talent.”

The Jacksons’ Unity tour kicks off in Louisville, Kentucky, on 18 June. “It’s a challenge,” Jackie said, “because I can’t move like I used to move a long time ago.”

No British or European dates have been announced.—


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