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M&G Hangout: Meet the gamers

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Take part in an M&G hangout with some of our local gamers, who will answer your questions about the gaming scene in South Africa.

Join Faranaaz as she finds out more about the world of gaming and gamers. (Delwyn Verasamy, M&G)

Last week Faranaaz Parker profiled some of South Africa's more serious gamers – from those who are treating it as a school sport, to those who have launched professional gaming careers.

Once considered the preserve of socially-awkward teenage boys, players at the top of their electronic game are increasingly getting official recognition for a specialised skill set that, for the very best, can bring fame and money.

Join her for a live M&G hangout on Wednesday, January 16 at 3.30pm, where she will be finding out more about the world of gaming and gamers, and its evolution from hobby to serious pastime. 

If you have anything to ask the hangout participants, add your questions in the comments section below or tweet us @mailandguardian with the hashtag #SAgaming.

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