M&G Hangout: The state of private justice

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Join us as Phillip de Wet speaks to security experts about the quality of SA's police after the bungle in the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing.

The police procedural  genre is well established in pop culture. Between Law & Order, The Wire and CSI, we all have a pretty good idea of the leads that police and forensics experts might want to follow up on at a crime scene. But in South Africa it seems the quality of police investigation is more Jozi Streets than NYPD Blue.

The cross examination of South African Police Service investigator Hilton Botha during the bail hearing of Oscar Pistorius left a lot of questions about the quality of the country's men in blue. This week in the paper, Mail & Guardian associate editor Phillip De Wet explores the state of private justice in South Africa, and what happens when an accused or a victim's family turns to private experts instead.

Watch our live video with De Wet and representatives from the security field to discuss the standard of detective work provided by the South African police.

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