Agang SA optimistic about elections


Mamphela Ramphele's party sees the elections as an opportunity for citizens to tell the ANC they are tired of its empty promises and corruption.

Agang has called for a government able to deliver education and public services. (Skyler Reid)

Mamphela Ramphele's political party, Agang SA, on Friday expressed optimism about the upcoming general elections.

"[It] is our opportunity as citizens to tell this African National Congress government that we are tired of their empty promises, of corruption, and their failure to serve the citizens of our beloved country," it said.

President Jacob Zuma announced on Friday that the elections would be held on May 7.

"We are tired of having to march and protest and lose our lives in search of water, jobs and basic services," the party said.

Agang called for a government able to deliver education and public services. It encouraged citizens to vote and demanded transparency and accountability on voting day.

"[We] will contest the elections believing that the citizens of this country understand that through their votes we can take this country back from self-interest, and from those who look after no one but themselves."

Last week, the Democratic Alliance (DA) announced that Ramphele would be its presidential candidate for the elections. On Sunday the DA said its deal with Ramphele was off.

The DA said Ramphele had wanted to stand as their presidential candidate while remaining leader of her own party. Ramphele said she had rushed into the decision and apologised to her followers. – Sapa

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