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Sean Bacher

From iTranslate Voice 2 to Search for BBM and Checkers Eezi Coupons, here are five apps that you should check out.

Unlike other music services, Nokia MixRadio does not hassle its users with any advertising. (Screengrab)

iTranslate Voice 2
Language might pose a problem when English-speakers travel in foreign countries. With iTranslate Voice 2 though, users can instantly "speak" up to 42 languages. Just speak a word or phrase in English into an iPhone or iPad and let iTranslate repeat the phrase out loud in the chosen language. Foreign language dictionaries can be downloaded beforehand, so users don't have to be connected to the internet every time they want to order a beer. This app allows iPhone technology to catch up with Samsung's S Translator.

Platform: iOS. Various alternatives are available on other platforms
Expect to pay: R9.99
Stockists: Click here to download the app

Search for BBM
The updated Search for BBM app lets users search their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for friends, family and business associates, displaying each of their BBM pins. Users then have the option of manually adding contacts to their BBM profile or can add all of them by selecting the Select All option. The app is great for users who are new to the BBM platform and is also useful for those who have recently lost their BBM contacts and don't have a backup from which to restore.

Platform: BlackBerry OS 10 and above
Expect to pay: A free download.
Stockists: Click here to download the app

Nokia MixRadio
Although Nokia MixRadio was launched last year, the company recently announced that there are now 30-million songs available for Lumia users to download, of which 24-million are available in South Africa. The app offers users the ability to stream music, create their own playlists and even download their song selection for offline listening. Unlike other music services, Nokia MixRadio does not hassle its users with any advertising.

Platform: Nokia Lumia devices running the Windows Phone 8.0 operating system
Expect to pay: R45 per month.

Stockists: Click here to download the app

Checkers Eezi Coupons
Anyone can download the Checkers Eezi Coupons app and apply for an Eezi Coupon code. Once users have done their grocery shopping, they will need to let the teller input the code. Any discounts on items bought will automatically be deducted from the bill before paying. Coupons range from bread to whiskey and change from month to month or whenever a store has new specials. The coupons are similar to the paper-based ones users would get in newspapers, except they are digital, speeding up the entire paying process.

Platform: Any phone with internet access. Users without internet access need to dial *120*885*1# to get the latest code.
Expect to pay: A free download.
Stockists: Click here to view the coupons currently available.

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