Nine questions for Malema on Twitter

Haji Mohamed Dawjee

Economic Freedom Fighters' commander-in-chief Julius Malema took to social media to answer pressing questions from the public.

EFF leader Julius Malema. (Gallo)

In an effort to engage with the public regarding the EFF's policy and the upcoming elections, EFF's Commander in Chief, Julius Malema took to Twitter to answer several questions.

Public interest initially focused on what the party's leader expected as an outcome from the upcoming elections, but soon, other topics such as tax, access to medical care and policing were addressed. Malema even engaged on the topic of legalising marijuana.

Let's take a look at nine selected questions and answers from the session:

1. What is Julius Malema's projected outcome for the upcoming elections?
2. How does the EFF plan to deal with the Nyaope issue?
3. Should the EFF be in power, will they consider legalising marijuana?
4. Are there plans to review the current tax system?
5. How does the EFF plan on dealing with the cable theft issue in SA?
6. Twitter user @paulsa82 requested that Malema eradicate private security companies, Malema's simply responded with:

7. Julius Malema on Indians:

8. His stance on access to medical care:

9. What the EFF plans to do about the SAPS:

The rest of the session also included Malema’s view on access to universities, the employment of youth and one users question regarding why the Commander in Chief was on not in EFF regalia during an interview at Power FM this morning.

His response:

In closing, the party leader thanked all those who participated in the session and reminded them to “#voteEFF”.

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