DA claims ANC supporters stoned buses

Sunday is the last big day for election rallies before Wednesday's polls with parties hosting large-scale events across Gauteng. (Paul Botes, M&G)

Sunday is the last big day for election rallies before Wednesday's polls with parties hosting large-scale events across Gauteng. (Paul Botes, M&G)

Three buses carrying supporters were on their way to a Democratic Alliance (DA) election rally in Soweto on Sunday when they were attacked by ANC supporters, the party said. The buses were “badly damaged” – one beyond repair – and one driver was hospitalised, it added.  

Meanwhile, the party released a statement on Sunday saying police were also interviewing hundreds of supporters who were victims of an ambush while a bus carrying supporters was en route to a “We Can Win” concert in Soweto.

The two separate incidents occurred near the FNB Stadium, Soweto and in Alexandra, Johannesburg, it said. A case had already been opened with the police but no further details could be given until the injured driver’s family was informed.  

The ANC is holding a similar rally at the FNB Stadium. Spokesperson Keith Khoza told eNCA that the DA would have to prove that members of his party were involved. “That’s ridiculous. How do they know that ANC members stoned their buses?” 

He said the DA was “busy on a propaganda campaign against the ANC”. 

The police said they would need to further investigate the incident before commenting.

Sunday is the last big day for election rallies before Wednesday’s polls with parties hosting large-scale events across Gauteng. 

Sipho Kings

Sipho Kings

Sipho Kings is the person the Mail & Guardian sends to places when people’s environment is collapsing. This leads him from mine dumps to sewage flowing down streets – a hazardous task for his trusty pair of work shoes. Having followed his development-minded parents around Southern Africa his first port of call for reporting on the environment is people on the ground. When things go wrong – when harvests collapse and water dries up – they have limited resources to adapt, which people can never let politicians forget. For the rest of the time he tries to avoid the boggling extremes of corporations and environmental organisations, and rather looks for that fabled 'truth' thing. For Christmas he wants a global agreement where humanity accepts that sustainable development is the way forward. And maybe for all the vested interest to stop being so extreme. And world peace. And a sturdier pair of shoes. Read more from Sipho Kings


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