Sink your teeth in Suarez: Seven reactions to that bite incident

Haji Mohamed Dawjee

Footballer Luis Suarez faces disciplinary proceedings after biting another player for the third time in his career and the internet goes rabid.

Giorgio Chiellini shows the mark Luis Suárez left when he allegedly bit the Italian player. (Reuters)

Is Luis Suárez just hungry or does he have actual vampire tendencies? These and many other questions circulated about the forward from Uruguay after he was accused of  biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini

The bite:

While Fifa have opened disciplinary proceedings against the player who has been been banned twice before for biting players on the football field, the internet seems less concerned with the future of the player and more entertained by his teething ways.

Let’s take a look at some of the most rabid Suárez reactions from Twitter:

 1. Is that a shark in the water? No. It’s just Suárez.

2. Vampire Diaries: The latest season, airing on a soccer field near you!

3. The famous Apple logo, thanks to Suárez.

4. Perhaps it’s time the dog whisperer paid Suárez a visit to get to the bottom of this?

5. Suárez’s toothy grin:

6. It’s probably not a bad idea for Suárez to don one of things the next time he’s on a soccer field.

7. Another Suárez victim bites the dust.

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