Pallo Jordan deserves doctorate, says university rector


UFS rector and vice-chancellor Jonathan Jansen says Jordan should have an honorary doctorate and commended him for stepping down voluntarily.

Many see Jordan's lack of formal qualifications as no impediment to his intellectual eminence, even as they bemoan the fact of his fraud and lies in this respect. (Oupa Nkosi, M&G)

Professor Jonathan Jansen, the rector and vice-chancellor of the University of the Free State, says Pallo Jordan should have been awarded an honorary doctorate a long time ago, according to a report in the Saturday Star.

Jordan apologised and resigned as the ruling party’s MP this week after he was exposed for being untruthful about his academic qualifications, including having a PhD.

According to the paper, Jansen took to his Facebook account and wrote: “Should a South African university do the right thing and offer Pallo Jordan an honorary doctorate?”

He told the Saturday Star that Jordan was deserving of the doctorate, although the country needed to adapt a zero tolerance policy to dishonesty.

“I think we should appreciate him for the very public apology, and for not waiting to be pushed from his privileged position, but retiring voluntarily,” said Jansen.

He said he doubted that Jordan would accept the doctorate following his resignation. – AFP

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