Adrian Ephraim

Adrian Ephraim

Adrian Ephraim is the Mail & Guardian Online news editor. He is a former sports writer and newspaper executive who has been converted to the ways of the hashtag and hyperlink. He is a news addict who longs for the day when it can be delivered intravenously. Political satire is what he lives for - look out for his memes. The three loves of Adrian's life include his masterchef wife, his son who is a Michael Jackson impersonator and Arsenal.

A fresh spin on uplifting beats

Oliver Heldens’s dance moves might look silly, but his DJ skills are hot and he’s a rapidly rising star in the world of electronic dance music.

Suarez takes a bite out of life

From hand to mouth, Luis Suarez has been ruining lives since 2010. The Uruguayan chomper has done more for the bite than Mike Tyson - or Eve.

Game of Thrones: Winter is here

With apologies to creator George RR Martin and anyone else to whom we couldn't pay royalties, the M&G parodies Game of Thrones with SA politics.

A tobacco addict comes clean

I decided to go cold turkey: I no longer reek of cigarette smoke, my wife no longer recoils when I slink into bed, I sleep better, I breathe better.