Adrian Ephraim

Savvy scientist’s quantum leap

Dr Isaac Nape from Wits University is getting accolades from scientists in the field of quantum optics for his team’s groundbreaking technique

The science behind the Proteas’ succession of fast bowlers

The Proteas have consistently had a bevy of strong pace bowlers. The man in charge of ensuring this remains the case for many years to come is confident that all the right plans are in place.

Busy Bee continues to sting despite challenges

Cape Town’s oldest Black rugby club personifies the problems Black rugby faces, including attempts to have its history erased, being affected by apartheid and struggling financially for good resources

Chris Brown turns up for Mzansi, despite personal drama

While he failed to live up to the high standards of his 2013 performance, Chris Brown reinforced why he has the staying power to set him apart.

A fresh spin on uplifting beats

Oliver Heldens’s dance moves might look silly, but his DJ skills are hot and he’s a rapidly rising star in the world of electronic dance music.

Looking on darkness? Fear not, the ANC has got this

It’s tough being middle class when circumstances conspire to deprive you of basics such as running water and electricity, writes Adrian Ephraim.

For My sake, please quit the Happy videos

Upon further exploration the Rosetta spacecraft discovered not God, but a lost sermon from the Almighty – and it appears he is pissed off with us.

South Africans in the crossfire: Why I won’t leave Kabul

South African Mairy Tsigoida narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Taliban, but the Groenewald family were not as fortunate. She tells her story.

Poetry and purgatory: Dante’s inferno for Brazil

Brazilian defender Dante's personal journey through hell in Belo Horizonte, as Germany routed Brazil 7-1, is steeped in poetry, writes Adrian Ephraim.

Nyaope’s deadly, and addictive, mix

The highly addictive mix of heroin and cannabis is the drug of choice for the economic outcasts.

Suarez takes a bite out of life

From hand to mouth, Luis Suarez has been ruining lives since 2010. The Uruguayan chomper has done more for the bite than Mike Tyson - or Eve.

Game of Thrones: Winter is here

With apologies to creator George RR Martin and anyone else to whom we couldn't pay royalties, the M&G parodies Game of Thrones with SA politics.

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