Adrian Ephraim

Adrian Ephraim is a journalist and editor who has worked in print, radio and digital over the past 20 years – for The Star newspaper, IOL, Mail & Guardian and Eyewitness News. He has covered sport since 2005, when he won the SAB Newcomer of the Year Award. His work has focused on human interest stories in news and sport, and the triumph of hard work and determination over adversity.

Busy Bee continues to sting despite challenges

Cape Town’s oldest Black rugby club personifies the problems Black rugby faces, including attempts to have its history erased, being affected by apartheid and struggling financially for good resources

A fresh spin on uplifting beats

Oliver Heldens’s dance moves might look silly, but his DJ skills are hot and he’s a rapidly rising star in the world of electronic dance music.

Looking on darkness? Fear not, the ANC has got this

It’s tough being middle class when circumstances conspire to deprive you of basics such as running water and electricity, writes Adrian Ephraim.

For My sake, please quit the Happy videos

Upon further exploration the Rosetta spacecraft discovered not God, but a lost sermon from the Almighty – and it appears he is pissed off with us.

South Africans in the crossfire: Why I won’t leave Kabul

South African Mairy Tsigoida narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Taliban, but the Groenewald family were not as fortunate. She tells her story.

Poetry and purgatory: Dante’s inferno for Brazil

Brazilian defender Dante's personal journey through hell in Belo Horizonte, as Germany routed Brazil 7-1, is steeped in poetry, writes Adrian Ephraim.

Nyaope’s deadly, and addictive, mix

The highly addictive mix of heroin and cannabis is the drug of choice for the economic outcasts.

Suarez takes a bite out of life

From hand to mouth, Luis Suarez has been ruining lives since 2010. The Uruguayan chomper has done more for the bite than Mike Tyson - or Eve.

Game of Thrones: Winter is here

With apologies to creator George RR Martin and anyone else to whom we couldn't pay royalties, the M&G parodies Game of Thrones with SA politics.

A tobacco addict comes clean

I decided to go cold turkey: I no longer reek of cigarette smoke, my wife no longer recoils when I slink into bed, I sleep better, I breathe better.

An alternative member of Parliament oath

To everyone I owe my new credit limit to, I swear allegiance. So help me Jacob.

Nkandla and the politics of denial

Are South Africans really so damaged by the past that we remain in denial about the inconvenient truths surrounding our politicians?

Press Releases

National Science and Technology Forum

It's an independent SETI platform, an essential element of an active democracy and an important part of the collaboration process needed in SETI

Milestones over the NSTF’s 25-year history

The organisation celebrates its Silver Jubilee as an established player in the NSI and as promoter and influencer of SET and innovation in South Africa

Huawei Cloud’s Year-End Sales Carnival

Massive discounts on hot cloud services are on offer along with special coupons and other privileges, but hurry, supplies are limited!

Nurturing expert teachers

There's a shortage of resources in many schools and it's important for teachers to understand that they are the biggest resource in a classroom

Get Rewarded for banking with Standard Bank Mobile

Free data for your bank card spend every month will go that extra mile to help keep South Africans connected to their dreams

Introducing Greening the Future 2020

We highlight the work of those accelerating sustainable living in SA – at a vital moment for the environment

Western Cape SMBs look to technology to get them through pandemic

Many companies have over-capitalised on IT infrastructure in the past, and are looking for ways to access simpler, cheaper technology that cuts their costs

Land reform still a hot potato

The land has got to belong to all the people of South Africa, and many believe that there’s no other mechanism for that except expropriation