Amanda Strydom

Amanda Strydom

Amanda Strydom is the Mail & Guardian online's night editor. With a background in science and journalism, she has a black belt (third dan) in ballet and, according to a statistical analysis of the past three years, reads 2.73 books every week. She never finishes her tea, although she won't say no to a cupcake. But only just this once.

Bushed again

As the weekend began, the third day of Innibos 2011 in Nelspruit saw a doubling of the throng of people shoving to get into the festival.

Meanwhile, back in the bush

From far and wide, tens of thousands of South Africans have poured into Nelspruit for Innibos, an event that has become one of SA's premier festivals.

Eskom: Yes, yes ... we're trying!

Eskom has responded to Greenpeace's coal-dumping protest at Megawatt Park, insisting it was vigorously implementing renewable energy strategies.