Kevin Bloom

Kevin Bloom

    Feeding frenzy in South Sudan

    As South Sudan begins its journey towards development, the rest of the world is descending in droves. Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak report.

    Africa 3.0: State of Dis-Unity

    Unity State in the north of the Republic of South Sudan is rich in oil reserves - meaning, of course, that it should also be a driver of growth.

    Juba: An old Jo'burg

    Richard Poplak and Kevin Bloom are in South Sudan this week. Their first stop: Juba, a capital coming into its own.

    Africa 3.0 is here

    We're Kevin Bloom and Richard Poplak, and for the last two years we've been traversing Africa, attempting to uncover the forces that are reshaping it.

    Making a Plan

    If you want to make a quick buck, so the saying goes, stay out of media. If your heart's set, we could add, stay out of business media. The stumbling blocks to profit in the sector are legion, and it's not as if there's a lack of competition. Here Kevin Bloom looks at some brands that have come up with innovative responses to the challenges.