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Unstoppable Zuma and the weakening rand

Hungry South Africans will have to tighten their belts as the rand continues to plummet against foreign currencies.

Oscar Pistorius: Lock and load

While the world contemplates Oscar Pistorius's imminent release from prison, Pimples gives their take on what it will look like.

Julius Malema: Court is in session

Has the infamous "pay back the money" catchphrase come back to haunt the EFF's commander-in-chief?

Pimples: Nkandla's heap of lies

President Jacob Zuma and the ANC keep fuelling the Nkandla fire with lies, but will it lead to their demise?

Riah Phiyega in shark attack!

Not everyone just punches a shark in the face and survives … will our police commissioner get one up on the NPA shark?

ANC goes off the rails

In Mzansi politics, if there is ever a light at the end of the tunnel, you'd better hope it's not Jacob Zuma.


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