Burger King


Potato king JR Simplot, US fry innovator, dies

Shea Anderson

JR Simplot, the billionaire founder of the Boise, Idaho-based agriculture business that bears his name and who helped make French fries a staple of the American diet and waistline, died on May 25 at the age of 99. After pioneering the first commercial frozen French fry in the late 1940s, Simplot eventually became a major supplier of Idaho potatoes to McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's.

US man sues over condom in hamburger

John Curran

A man who says he bit into a Burger King hamburger and found an unwrapped condom inside has sued the owner of the restaurant. Van Miguel Hartless (24), of Fair Haven, said on Friday he bought the Southwestern Whopper at a Burger King in Rutland on June 18 and made the discovery when he got home and started eating it.

Part prison, part holiday camp

Staff Reporter

No prizes for guessing the least popular and most hassled men at Camp Striker near Baghdad. That would be the staff at Magic Island Technologies, who last week switched off the camp's free wi-fi internet access. It may surprise to some to know that there is any internet access at an army camp inside a warzone.

Elderly women face jail over insurance killings

Suzanne Goldenberg

It was a murder plot on slow burn. The two women, both in their 70s, would befriend the homeless in Hollywood, put them up and insure their lives for millions. Then the women would cash in, dispatching their victims in staged hit-and-run accidents in dark alleys.

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