Charles Arthur

Hackers ‘may attack other film studios after leak of Sony Pictures’ data’

Cyber experts warn that cyber attacks on Sony Pictures, which paralysed computer systems and leaked files, could have been extortion.

How UK’s Inmarsat honed in on missing Malaysia Airlines jet

The satellite firm and AAIB used "groundbreaking maths" to narrow the flight corridor of the missing passenger plane and help solve the riddle.

Smartwatch enters tech arms race

Newly unveiled devices have been unleashed on a notoriously wrist-averse economy.

Google could face legal sanctions over privacy policies

European privacy watchdogs have threatened Google with legal action over 2012 policy which violates commitment to transparency.

Google Glass proves to be half full

The device with a tiny screen in front of your right eye may not be everyone's dream.

Next iPhone ‘to be cheaper, not bigger’

Apple will not release a large-screened "phablet" phone to compete with archrival Samsung this year, according to analysts.

Syria fights back with hack attacks

The Syrian regime's electronic army is hitting critical Western news organisations with disinformation.

Online communities should leave solving cases to experts

Although it is tempting for social media users to help to solve cases like the Boston bombing, they should leave it to the experts.

Microsoft plan its own mini tablet in response to Apple

Microsoft has plans for new touchscreen devices and a Windows 8 revamp as revenue rise has unexpectedly beaten analysts' forecasts.

Seoul: North Korea behind March hacking

South Korea says computers in the North were used for an onslaught that wiped hard drives on PCs at TV stations and disrupted banks.

Anonymous hackers ‘take over’ Burger King’s Twitter account

Burger King's Twitter account was hacked apparently by hackers from Anonymous who took it over and rebranded it with rival McDonald's logo and name.

Dell’s mobility division not gaining ground

Dell is looking like the sick man of the PC business, which is not looking too healthy itself.

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