Suzanne Goldenberg

Hiccup for Hillary as cracks show

She may seem the most electable Democratic hopeful, but can voters be persuaded to trust her?

US Republicans feel the rising heat

Some climate change deniers in the United States Senate have realised they are increasingly out of step with the public.

Wall Street Journal slated for climate change stance

Leading scientists have complained that a <i>Wall Street Journal</i> article disputing climate change is akin to "dentists practising cardiology".

Obama rescues the Grand Canyon

Environmental groups have praised US President Barack Obama's move to limit uranium mining near one of the world's natural wonders, the Grand Canyon.

Climate change sparks urgent call to end Canada seal hunt

Scientists are urging Canada to end its commercial seal hunt after declining ice cover from climate change sends death rates among seal pups soaring.

Conservation efforts ‘protect less than 1% of shark species’

An Oceana report says most shark species are heading towards extinction, while many are still being caught and killed.

HIV/Aids vs family planning

The international community has "made a mistake" with the intensity of its focus on the global HIV/Aids epidemic and lost ground on family planning.

EU firm on airline carbon tax

United States airlines are wrong to think that they can force the European Union to back down on plans to make carriers pay for emitting carbon.

Himalayas in danger of becoming a giant rubbish dump

Nepal wants to lift itself out of poverty by expanding its tourism industry but there is no strategy for waste disposal

Empire State goes green

The Empire State Building announced it would meet all its electricity need with wind power.

Energy tsar bows out

The White House energy and climate adviser is due to step down in the next few weeks, a departure seen as a collapse.

China makes an eco-friendly step in the right direction

China, cast as the wrecker of the UN climate negotiations last year, went some way towards rehabilitation.

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