Mick Jagger


Money, not revolution

Staff Reporter

Pop culture icons John Lennon and Mick Jagger were clever capitalists who cashed in on the mood of the 1960s, says a British academic.

Rock'n'roll pioneer Bo Diddley dead at 79

Staff Reporter

Guitarist and songwriter Bo Diddley, who died of heart failure on June 2 at age 79, was an innovative R&B pioneer who forged rock'n'roll's signature beat but rarely got the credit -- or the riches -- heaped on his fellow musical icons. He died at his home in Archer, Florida, where he had been convalescing since last year after suffering a stroke and later a heart attack.

All that smooching was far too cordiale

Barbara Ellen

In the end, it was the pictures of Carla Bruni photogenically snogging President Sarkozy on a boat on the River Thames, during their state visit, that made me wish they'd both just clear off back to France, Bruni presumably bobbing gently homewards on a sea of male British drool.

French president may marry ex-model

Staff Reporter

First it was Disneyland, then love on the Nile, now it's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The French President Nicolas Sarkozy's starry settings for his showbiz romance with the ex-model Carla Bruni continued this weekend when the couple rode camels in Jordan and visited Petra.

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