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Holiday movies to put on your watchlist

A list of movies to keep you entertained this festive season.

Scepticism greets the Gambia’s Islamic republic status

Commenters think Jammeh is looking towards the Arab world as substitute for and source of development aid.

SA could be barred from taking part in Rugby World Cup

SA, one of the favourites for the Rugby World Cup, will be prevented from taking part in the tournament if a court action this week succeeds.

‘We’re not giving up our nukes’ – North Korea

North Korea is not interested in an Iran-like dialogue with the US to give up its nuclear capabilities, its foreign ministry has said.

Greek MPs pass austerity bill as Athens police clash with protesters

Alexis Tsipras drives through tax increases and pensions shake-up amid angry splits in his Syriza party.

Chelsea fans spoil Cech’s departure

Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech was accused of being a traitor and a snake for leaving for the London rivals of Chelsea.

Manuel Pellegrini says José Mourinho takes credit ‘for everything’

Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini has started the mind games early for next season by attacking his Chelsea rival.

Thieves raid huge rhino horn haul in Mozambique

Mozambican officials are arrested on suspicion they aided the theft from a police storeroom.

Caught between the deep blue sea and devilish Libyan crooks

Three young men among 800 African migrants survived not only the wiles of the smugglers, but also a shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea.

Amnesty International reports abduction, torture and rape of refugees

Migrants give chilling testimonies of abuses committed by smugglers and armed groups in Libya.

Auschwitz survivor wants SS officer prosecutions to stop

Eva Kor, who publicly forgave and embraced former camp guard Oskar Gröning, says stopping the case would help counter neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers.

Men don’t worry about their sperm count – but they should

Thanks to a lack of anxiety among men, the current reality of a crisis in male fertility hasn’t been taken seriously yet.

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