Taiwan motorists urged to give crabs right of way

Motorists in southern Taiwan are being urged to give land crabs right of way during the animals’ spawning season, wildlife authorities said on Thursday.

Every year the females of more than 40 different species of land crab travel to spawning grounds on the coast of the Kenting National Park, at the southern tip of the island.

But the journey is potentially dangerous as the crustaceans have to cross roads that are especially busy at weekends.

“It’s shocking to hear the loud sounds of crabs being crushed under the cars and see the their smashed bodies scattered all along the highway,” said Kuo Wei-mei, a national park official.

Two sections of highway are to be sealed off for a total of six days over the next two months to protect the animals, officials said.

In a statement the national park headquarters called on motorists to slow down while driving through the area and bring their cars to a complete halt if needed.

“Drivers are welcome to stop and step out of their cars and have a special rendezvous with the crabs,” the statement said.—AFP

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